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EuroCAST Family Set

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Our family set is perfect for the small, modern family, always on the go but interested in great food and healthy eating. A traditional, small sauce pan handles lots of everyday tasks, and a medium Dutch oven makes larger meals and cook-ahead strategies. While those pieces are simmering, the medium sauté pan handles quick dishes like eggs and quick-cooked vegetables. The high-sided sauté pan is terrifically versatile: fry chicken, bake, and built casseroles or baked ziti. Like to grill? The 10” Grill pan will give you great grill marks without any oil. You have a lid for all of the round pans, with all the great, convenient features weʼve built into our lids. Bon appétit and enjoy your cooking for family and fun!

To qualify for the $299.99 price, use the special coupon code FAMILY3 on checkout. If you want more than one, purchase each set separately and apply the coupon each time to make sure you get the full discount on each set you buy!


۰ 1 1/2 Qt Sauce Pan (1.2Qt)

۰ 10” Sauté (9.5”)

۰ 10” High-Sided Sauté (9.5")

۰ 3 Qt Sauce Pan (8" 3.2 Qt)

۰ 10" Grill Pan (9.5")

  • $649.99