Our Warranty.

EuroCAST by BergHOFF cookware is distributed exclusively in the United States by Homerun Products, LLC. EuroCAST by BergHOFF cookware is manufactured with the highest quality materials and is designed to provide years use assuming proper care and use guidelines are followed. Pan care instructions can be found are https://eurocastusa.com/pan-care.html . BergHOFF's Limited Lifetime Warranty covers manufacturing defects and excludes damage that occurs as a consequence of not following BergHOFF's pan care instructions. For example, washing your EuroCAST cookware in a dishwasher or using abrasive materials will void the warranty. Contact us at warranty@eurocastusa.com if you believe you have discovered a manufacturing defect. Include the following information in your message:

Mail the pan to the address listed below: EuroCAST by BergHOFF 1431 7th Avenue N, Unit C Fargo ND 58103 We will inspect and replace the pan as well as reimburse shipping costs if it is determined that the problem is a manufacturing defect. We will give you the option of purchasing a replacement should our inspection indicate the defect is the result of violating pan care instructions.


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