frequently asked questions

How does EuroCAST differ from BergHOFF’s Scala line?

EuroCAST is a dramatically improved version of the original 1990-ties era Scala. Like EuroCAST, Scala was designed for induction cooking and featured a first-generation non-stick surface that, while PFOA-free, we kept working overtime for an improved performance. EuroCAST built on Scala’s unique strengths and success with an improved titanium-ceramic coating that, while providing an extremely durable non-stick surface, is non-toxic and environmental friendly. EuroCAST also features an improved magnetic base plate to optimize it induction cooking performance as well as its performance with other heating technologies (i.e. gas, electric, etc.) Scala is currently been redesigned, restyled and improved in light of the success of the EuroCAST and is expected to launch in Europe in 2017/18 as Scala 2.0.

What is PFOA?

Perfluorooctanoic acid, also known as PFOA, is a chemical many cookware product manufacturers used to create their pans’ non-stick surfaces. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency labeled PFOA as a carcinogen in 2006. EuroCAST cookware features a rugged, non-stick surface that is completely PFOA-free.

How to remove Detachable Handle?

It is easy unscrew to allow you to move pans from hob to oven, please watch the video.