EuroCAST Family Set


A Family Set is really what you make it, right? Well we made ours for the small modern family. A traditional small sauce pan and a medium Dutch Oven. While those pieces are simmering you have our Medium Sauté and High-Sided Sauté pans to play with. Like to grill? Well the 10” Grill pan will give you those great grill marks without any oil. You have a lid for all of the round pans and you are good to go for the next Century of Family cooking. Bon Appetite!


۰ 1 1/2 Qt Sauce Pan (1.2Qt)

۰ 10” Sauté (9.5”)

۰ 10” High-Sided Sauté (9.5")

۰ 3 Qt Sauce Pan (8" 3.2 Qt)

۰ 10" Grill Pan (9.5")

Price  $649.99 $599.99

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